Election 2020 – Can Facebook Survive?

Published On September 11, 2020 | By Tom Huskerson | News and Analysis

As the nation gets closer to the November general election the specter of misinformation and voter suppression grows more ominous. Facebook has has become the tool of choice for Russia, Iran, China and home grown election tampering. If Zuckerberg can’t get control of the platform it may have to be eliminated as a threat to democracy.

Facebook failed

Facebook has fought a valiant fight to control the amount of election misinformation, voter suppression and conspiracy theory activity on its platform. But it has failed by all accounts. The world’s largest, and now most threatening, social media company has repeatedly announced how many false or foreign influence pages it has shutdown. That, in itself , is a sign of its failing to control its own property.

In August of this year Facebook announced it has banned some but not all of the QAnon sites on its platform. According to Facebook it “will no longer recommend that users join groups supporting it, although the company isn’t banning it outright.”

Why just a partial ban? Because Facebook has little or no control over its groups or pages. Its like playing Whack-a-Mole. So Facebook decided to crackdown on the most offensive and probably largest pages that it could. The company basically admitted this fact when it said, “…it is banning groups and accounts associated with QAnon as well as a variety of U.S.-based militia and anarchist groups that support violence. But the company will continue to allow people to post material that supports these groups, so long as they don’t violate policies against hate speech, abuse and other provocations.”

According to Facebook it shutdown over 790 groups, 100 pages and 1,500 ads tied to QAnon and has blocked over 300 hashtags across Facebook and Instagram. But there remains another 1,950 groups and 440 pages. Facebook says it has identified those that remain on the platform and they face restrictions, along with 10,000 accounts on Instagram.

In November of last year Facebook proudly announced how it had shutdown 5.4 Billion fake accounts. Between January and March of last year Facebook claimed it shut down an additional 2 Billion fake accounts. Notice I keep using billion with a “B”. I ask; does that sound like Zuckerberg is in control?

It just goes on and on

Here is a list of Facebook 2020 election related actions;

Facebook’s war

Facebook is in a continuous war with its users and their messages. Facebook has banned Antifa and other groups for promoting violence. Facebook has become a tool and a window to the most horrific facets of human behavior. Facebook users have live streamed children being molested, violent beatings of the weak and elderly and yes, mass murder. The platform is so out of control that even the company’s moderators have sued Facebook for the trauma they have experienced.

But Zuckerberg is blind to the fact that he is powerless in this war. He can only make goodwill gestures to the problem. Facebook pats itself on the back for shutting down or banning fake or dangerous pages on its platform. That is the gesture I speak of. Does that sound like Zuckerberg is in control?

Facebook, the weapon of choice

This fact is indisputable. Facebook became the indispensable tool used to misinform the American voter during the 2016 campaign. Russian and other groups showed the incredible potential of social media to manipulate and mislead the voter. Facebook was the weapon that became known as fake news.

According to CNN Facebook’s secretive algorithm permitted hoaxes and lies to reach millions of people during the U.S. presidential campaign in 2016. Facebook promised to make changes. In the after math of the election investigators discovered a Russian propaganda pipeline. It is widely believed that so-called Russian troll farms hijacked Facebook’s platform to sow chaos and successfully tipped the scale in Donald Trump’s direction. So we have to ask ourselves; is Facebook responsible for America’s heated and divisive political atmosphere?


Facebook is the tool of choice when it comes to false or misleading COVID-19 information. Misleading and false information on Facebook has probably killed people. Can we say exactly how or quantify how many? Not exactly. But the amount of fake pandemic information that has appeared on Facebook is staggering. Facebook admitted to reporters the mind-boggling scale of COVID-19 misinformation flooding its platforms.

Zuckerberg’s monster

I have written before that Mark Zuckerberg is the Facebook’s Dr. Frankenstein and he and the company’s leadership refuse to admit that the monster is beyond their control. Facebook has accumulated so much data, so many users and peddles so much information and advertising that they cannot possibly control it or even monitor it effectively. Ask any Russian intelligence officer and that is what they will tell you.

It should have been obvious after the Cambridge Analytica scandal what the problem is. But Facebook has repeatedly found itself in the middle of one scandal or data breach after another. The monster is running amok.

Facebook has shown that it is incapable of controlling the information it has and, in some cases, refused to heed the warnings. For example Facebook was notified about a huge security flaw that allowed hackers to steal personal data from millions of its users almost one year before the crime was reported. Why did Facebook not fix it? Legal documents show that Facebook’s own employees alerted the company. Whatever Zuckerberg were doing, or thinking, the result was the massive data breach in September 2018. Does that sound like Zuckerberg is in control?

Facebook the threat

Facebook, as a social media company, has become a threat to democracy simply because of its lack of control of information. It has become simply too big and unwieldy to control and there are some in Washington that have taken notice. Not only of the size of company but its affect on competition and innovation. No, Facebook is not alone. Congress is taking serious look at the entire tech sector for various reasons and that includes how they manage their platform and the affects it has on society and democracy.

Leaders of both parties are also starting to take a good hard look at the way information is used. Many would say that its about the size and the hold these companies have on the market. But in reality it is becoming obvious that these companies, especially the social media companies, are in possession of incredible power. The power to manipulate human behavior.

Facebook has been caught red handed conducting experiments on its users to manipulate their behavior. Because of their reach and power Facebook has been embroiled in the politics of numerous nations, criminal gangs and even genocidal governments. Facebook is a threat.

After the 2016 election Facebook was found to have been used by outside groups to spread misinformation and even outright lies and thus affecting the outcome of a free and fair democratic election. If this happens again will the government take action?

Facebook is well aware of the problem and I would be willing to guess that Zuckerberg and the leaders of Facebook are seeing their survival threatened.

Actions taken by Facebook indicate that they are near certain that any affect on the 2020 election that can be traced to them is like a death warrant.

Facebook has already announced that it will cease any new political advertising in the week leading up to the election. According to Zuckerberg these changes are intended to do Facebook’s part “to protect our democracy.”

Facebook has taken another step by offering to pay certain users up to $120 dollars to log off their accounts. According to Facebook it will send a survey to select groups of Facebook and Instagram users asking them how much they’d like to be paid to deactivate their accounts.

These steps are nothing more than self preservation actions. Facebook understands its own history and its current position in the eyes of the government. Should there be any doubt about the results of the election and how Facebook was involved the anger in Congress could quickly focus on them.

Facebook has become a threat to democracy and the government knows it. Zuckerberg knows it. He also knows he has can only do so much before the election to keep the villagers from burning his castle to the ground with him and the monster inside.

Don’t take this as an exaggeration, There has been talk in Washington of prison time for CEO’s. Zuckerberg was mentioned specifically. Of course this was only for privacy and data breaches but you better believe that Zuckerberg will be sweating in his million dollar mansion if this election goes sideways.

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