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On Tech Street is the emerging leader providing vital news, information and analysis about the Internet, electronic communications and e-commerce to black people. Our mission is to enhance the level of knowledge and security for black people who access the Internet. It is our goal to alert people of color about the numerous hazards and dangers of the cyber space. This includes viruses and other malware, changes in the law, scams, hoaxes and information thefts of all kinds. We also highlight useful news about technology and opportunities available via the Internet as well as  African-American celebrities, investors and technology leaders.  We sincerely believe that black people are under served when it comes to information security and we are working to change that equation. We believe that black people should be aware of what the Internet can do for us, and to us if we are not careful. We believe in our tag line, Less Tech-More Knowledge. We strive to provide information in a news magazine format that is easily read and understood. On Tech Street is the primary source of information for black people seeking awareness of cyber space without being confused by technical jargon.

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