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Internet Rules

These are the Internet Rules to live by On Tech Street. Make sure you read the and understand then completely. You may violate one or more of these rules more than once but sooner or later you will pay the price.


1. The only rules on the Internet are the ones you impose and enforce.

2. The Internet is a communications device. Be careful what you say.

3. The Internet is your window on the world. You can see out; they can see in.

4. Your life has been digitized. Everything you say and do is recorded somewhere.

5. The currency  and commodity of the digital age is called information.

6. Nothing is ever completely deleted.

7. Images on the Internet are no longer yours.

8. There is no privacy on the Internet.

9. Social media does not kill you. It lets you kill yourself.

10. Everything on the Internet is real; just not always true.

11. You are always one mouse click from destruction.


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