Privacy, Here’s How to Know What They Know

Published On March 21, 2019 | By Tom Huskerson | News and Analysis

As you probably know the internet is where your privacy is totally dissed. Just about every company in existence has a hunger to know everything they can about you. So ask yourself, “What do they know?”

Now you can finally know what they know. My Data Request claims it has read the the privacy policies of over 100 different companies and is offering you that data. What have they collected about you? Now you can know exactly what information these companies have on you. And fair warning, prepare to be sick! For example, in some cases you might know they have your email, phone number and other general information. You may also find out they know your age and gender. But sites like Facebook know who your friends are, where you work, and even where you go during the day. The may even know where you are right now!

You might recognize some of the companies. They include include, of course Facebook, but also Tinder, Uber, Twitter, YouTube, Venmo, Waze, Evernote, Spotify, Coinbase, Postmates, Chase, Angry Birds, and many others.

Using the site is not exactly simple. You can search for a particular app or website you use. Check you smartphone and take a good long look at all the apps you’re carrying with you. They all collect data. Or you can browse the options they display. Clicking on any of these will launch a pop-up with a link to the company’s privacy policy. Another link will let you download your data from that company. That’s where things get a little complicated. You may have to go the company’s website to get the data or, in the case of Uber, you have to fill out a form letter and mail it to them. Nothing is ever simple when it comes to retrieving your data and that’s not an accident. These companies do not want it known what they are doing even if it is legal. They understand that once it’s fully known how much information they collect things could get ugly for them and the well could run dry. Not to mention consumer outrage and privacy legislation.

Keep in in mind that this can be a fairly frightening experience. Many of these companies not only collect your information but purchase other information about you from other sources. It’s called the information marketplace. It’s run by data marketers. They are probably buying information from each other. And before you call a lawyer keep in mind its all very legal but also very covert. If you read the privacy policy you probably agreed to let them do it.

Breaking It Down

Privacy is no longer respected online. As a matter of fact it is pretty much non-existent. In order to have any privacy you have to work for yourself. Do not expect any help from Washington, D.C. This is your fight.

We live in an age where personal information is the considered the new oil. It is an industry where you are the product. Your information, your personal and private life, is the crop these companies harvest. It’s a tragic result of the technology age and some people have even labeled it “Surveillance Capitalism.” And that is exactly what it is. Money made by watching you incessantly. There is a profit to be made in knowing everything you say, do, think, believe, use, wear, drive, buy, sell, eat and it just goes on and on.

This is where we are in 2019. And it does not look as if anything is going to change anytime soon.

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