PCMag Names Bitdefender Best Free Anti-Virus Tools

Published On May 20, 2014 | By Tom Huskerson | Now You Know

Box Shot Bitdefender Antivirus 2014 775If someone offers you something for free that could protect you from the evils of the Internet why would you turn it down? You wouldn’t. This past April PCMag.com  released the results of  testing done on free anti-virus tools and you need to pay close attention. Coming in number one was the Bitdefender free anti-virus to0l.

In tests against other free anti-virus software Bitdefender came out smoking with five stars in all five categories. The categories included detection, cleaning, protection, false positives and performance. According to PCMag.com Bitdefender “scored super high in just about every test.”

Bitdefender was tested against the following anti-virus tools; Avast!, AVG, Avira, Comodo, Emsisoft,Fortinet,Microsoft, Norman, Panda, Qihoo/360 and Sophos. Only Bitdefender scored five stars in all five categories.

But not everyone is so high on Bitdefender. According to Techradar.com Bitdefender only came in fifth in its tests. But they still sing its praises saying “its one of the best around.”

Freebies on About.com said that Bitdefender was  “…on par with any of the arguably better-known free antivirus programs in my list.” The site also said that Bitdefender was  “..one of the better of the best free antivirus programs.” Yet this site only rated BitDefender as sixth in its rankings.

Breaking It Down

Black people sometimes assume that something free is cheap or has strings attached.  I’m telling you when it comes to anti-virus something is better than nothing. But if you don’t have to scrape by with just any old thing why should you? Bitdefender will save your ass from a disaster. You need anti-virus software on every device you own, desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. Are you listening?

I read numerous articles about free anti-virus software so you won’t have to. Less tech, more knowledge, that’s what I do. Let me tell what I learned? I learned that I have been wrong about Microsoft Security Home Essentials and the free online Safety Scan. They are not the best by a long shot so just keep that in mind. I would say that using the Microsoft anti-virus and scanning tools are the equivalent to buying the cheapest car on the lot. You got transportation. That’s about it! I also learned that Bitdefender, compared to other anti-virus software, was less intrusive and simpler to use. You don’t need to fool around with installation, settings and remote administration or any of the stuff that become too technical too quick.  As a matter of fact, Bitdefender will remove any other old anti-virus software for you. Remember, less tech, more knowledge.

After studying all the information available I came to the conclusion I better switch to the free Bitdefender. Yes it was free. Again, that’s not a bad thing at all.  I really like its capabilities and the fact that it can not only detect viruses and malware but clean them from your computer as well. What more do you want?

I seriously implore black people to pay attention to these things. As much as I sound the alarm about the bad things on the Internet I also try to point out the good things too. Bitdefender is good. Now you know.

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